No sound from my receiver

I've got a Denon 1911 receiver hooked up to a set of 5.1 speakers and for the past few months its worked fine to play from all of my different inputs. But I turned it on tonight and I've got no audio from any source. I've flipped mute on and off, made sure I had the right zone active, replugged in my sources, nothing. When I connect to my comp, Windows sees the receiver and gives me a volume control bar and everything. But even when it thinks it plays the test, I can't hear anything. So it's like the receiver sees the sources, but nothing is getting to the speakers.

What happened? I'm not sure if I fat fingered some audio setting or if something broke between uses.
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  1. Okay...I turned the unit on today to mess with it again and now the sound is working fine again. I guess that means it wasn't a setting issue, which is rather disturbing.
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