Do people like anti-aliased fonts?

I just find them blurry just as if there was something wrong with my monitor..

Why can't I choose adobe helvetica/new century schoolbook in Redhat 8.0? It worked in 7.3..
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  1. i dont they look very odd on my monitor ;-)

    Running Suse 8.1
    2600 XP Athlon
    1GB DDR
    Geforce 4 Ti 4600 128Mb
    Soundblaster 5.1
    2X40Gig Hard Drives,Windows on 1 Linux on the other
    22" Mit Natural Flat Monitor
  2. They do good on my laptop screen. I think they're really for LCD's more than anything.

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  3. There's a few different kinds of AA you can use. I find KDE pretty good (above a certain point size), and Gnome 2, when used with the right settings for my LCD monitor. Things get nicer when you recompile Freetype2 to enable better hint usage, too but the link given below disputes this.

    re your fonts, do you have those fonts still installed? Are you using a font-server or is X reading them direct? Better yet, check this link out: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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