Mini Displayport (female) to HDMI (male)?

I am searching far and wide for an adapter and I cannot seem to find it. Is there some technical reason for this? I want to take an analog signal from a projector through VGA (male) to Mini displayport (male) to [ Mini displayport (female) to HDMI (male) ] to Xoom tablet.

So I need a Mini Displayport (female) to HDMI (male) adapter.

Does anyone know if this exists? Where can I find it? If not, what are the limitations? What is another solution?

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  1. instead of having three adapters daisychained... why not go direct with a VGA->HDMI adapter?

    the only trouble i could see is if the xoom wants a digital signal and wouldnt work with an analog signal. in such a case, one of the conversion box types normally fixes this.

    google is your friend.
  2. I am dealing with the same problem, only with a playbook instead of the XOOM. The problem with HDMI to VGA adapters is that the only reasonably priced one I can find will take 1-2 months to ship to Canada. Why? I don't know. I need the adapter within two weeks though.

    If I can cobble together a few dollars worth of cheap passive adapters, then use the mini displayport to vga converter that I already have to do the digital to analogue conversion, that would save me a fair bit of money. What I am unsure about is if this would actually work. I know I won't get sound, but that's fine. Does anyone know if there are any weird differences between displayport and HDMI which would not be solved by a passive adapter? of if there are issues which would confuse the mini displayport to VGA active adapter?

    I have an answer for tesseract08 too, I do not believe the adapter you want exists, however you can get a really cheap female to female mini displayport coupler. Here's a link.
  3. Yes, I really want the same thing, ideally a male micro HDMI to a female (or male) displayport cable so I can use my tablet to plug into a data show for presentations. Seems pretty stupid there aren't any out there being made to fill the demand?
  4. not sure if this is what you needed but it's a mini displayport (female) adapter that comes with a dvi to hdmi adapter.
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