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In my BIOS (A7V600 mobo) I have the option to switch my AThlon XP 2700+ from 2167 to 2600. If I do this, my system won't reboot because of instability. I know my mobo has an FSB of 400MHz, but my RAMs are only 266MHz... if I upgrade my RAMs to 400MHz will I be able to clock my CPU to 2600, or is it simply not an option? Is there some other way to make my system capable of it?
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  1. Your 2700+ runs at <b>2167</b>MHz, if you switch it to 2600, that means you are <b>overclocking</b> Your cpu to <b>2600</b>MHz, do u think UR 2700+ could do that?
  2. I'm fairly new to the tech side of things, that's why I'm asking questions in this forum. The fact is, I don't know if my CPU can do that or not. Seems to me, with the 13x multiplier that is there in my BIOS, a mobo FSB of 400MHz, and 400Mhz RAM I should be able to run my CPU at that speed. Someone told me that you need double the MHz RAM that your CPU is running at (200x13=2600) for it to be stable.
    Am I totally wrong in this? That's fine if I am, because I don't know jack about overclocking. All I know is that the option is there in my BIOS, and I'm wondering if there is a simple way to enable that speed on my system.

  3. You need to post in the Overclocking Section of the forums, AMD XP2700+/333Mhz FSB Tbred, moving up to 400Mhz PC3200 RAM would be a wise thing to do since you're presently running the wrong RAM with that CPU anyway.

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  4. ok..the fact is, recent cpus have less overclockbility, it's not like the old day where you can oc a 300MHz CPU to 450MHz
    of course, some people is able to overclock more than the others
    I've never seen an Athlon XP running at 2600MHz, that's simply too high for an AXP
    if you wish to overclock, then yes, higher FSB provides faster performance, if you want to run at 400FSB, then yes, you better get some PC3200 Rams, start from 200FSB, then increase the multiplier..
    there is a section of OverClocking Guide of Athlon XP in Overclocking CPU section, if you wish to have a look, very detailed step by step..
  5. The only athlons that can hit 2.6 Ghz on air at the new mobile XP's. As for your XP2700+ get PC3200 ram, and you will have to close a bridge on the top of your CPU to access the lower multipliers depending on your motherboard.
    I am able to hit 2.4 Ghz with an XP2700+ 200x12 at about 1.75 Volts.
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