What type of speaker connector is this?

I have an Audiovox CD1072 system that I no longer use, though I was hoping to be able to reuse the speakers. However, I'm not sure what kind of connector this is. Google hasn't helped a bit.


Here's the port, just in case:

Is anyone familiar with this type of speaker connector, and if any converters exist for it (perhaps RCA)?

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  1. If you want to reuse the speakers you could just cut the plug off and strip the wire and hook it to a receiver that way, I would guess to say that the wire with the solid whit line is the positive, one hill billy way to check to see if the speaker polarity is correct is find a music track with steady kick drum, turn the speaker up until you can see the woofer moving when the kick drum hits, now carefully move your finger toward the woofer it is hooked up correctly when the kick drum hits it should push out and hit your finger, if you put your finger on it and it moves in when the kick drum hits it is wired wrong, switch the positive and negative around and you will be good, but like I said if you get your finger close and feel it move out it is hooked up correctly, make a notation of the way you have the speaker hooked up to the positve and negative and hook the other one up the same way and your good to go. :hello:
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