Dell p2411h or u2311h or 2410 or Samsung px2370???

Hi everybody,

I'm going to buy a PC monitor, basically to:
1) work with Office and surf Internet
2) watch movies

I do not play - even if I'm planning to buy a Nintendo Wii in the next months.

I got an offer (euro 150) for a used Dell P2411H. It sounds a good solution, but it has a TN panel and there a DVI input (but no HDMI) - this could be a problem as my laptop doesn't have DVI but VGA and HDMI only. Could I use my laptop HDMI output and use an adapter to convert it to DVI?

I looked for a couple of alternatives:
Dell U2311H - more expensive (euro 250), it's smaller (23') but it's IPS rather than TN. Would I notice a big difference with the P2411h in the color quality while watching movies?

Dell u2410: definitely more expensive (euro 450), IPS with HDMI and lots of other better specs, it seems. Is it worthy the difference considering my standard usage (Office, Internet, movies)?

I have also read that Samsung PX2370 should have a technology aimed at reducing the impacts on the eyes - but it seems poorer from an ergonomic point of view compared to the Dells.

Could you please help me to clarify my doubts? and give me your advices?
I'm really lost!
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    1. Yes, you can use a HDMI to DVI adapter.

    2. I would say you can notice some difference between a TN and IPS panel. And not just regarding colors. At least I can tell the difference. The U2311h uses a 6-bit e-IPS panel so it can show some color banding issues and image artifacts from time to time, but not as much or as bad as TN panels.

    3. The Dell U2410 uses an H-IPS panel which is a true 8-bit panel and is also costly to manufacture. That's why the Dell is expensive. Is it worth the extra 200 euros? That's for you to decide. I would simply get the Dell U2410.

    4. Not familiar with the Samsung PX2370. The technology aimed at reducing eyestrain is simply an auto brightness sensor. If you use the monitor in various lighting conditions, then I suppose it'll help. But if the light conditions in the room is always the same, then there's not much benefit. The question is how sensitive is it and will the change be noticeably different? This monitor also uses a TN panel.
  2. Hi jaguarskx, thanks so much! I'm happy I got such a good and quick reply here!
    I made my mind and I'm now looking for a good price for the Dell U2410.
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