Can i connect my laptop to a powered speaker/s??

I have Virtual DJ in my laptop and was wondering what's the cheapest way to hook up my laptop to speakers. I was thinking of getting powered speakers (Behringer EUROLIVE B212D Active 550-Watt 2-Way PA Speaker System with 12-inch Woofer and 1.35-inch Compression Driver) to avoid having to buy an amp. I was thinking of hooking up the 3.5mm jack from laptop to the XLR of the speakers. Would this setup work or would I still need to buy other equipment/cables? Or should I just buy passive speakers and an amp to hook up to laptop?
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  1. It varies from set up to set up how well you will get away with it,
    If the laptop is plugged into the mains you will quite often get a lot of noise through powered speakers.

    Unplugging the adapter from the laptop should make the noise go away if your cable is built correctly, but this is probably not practical for long periods of time.

    However, those speakers say they have low noise - line level input, so you may get away with it...

    I would suggest something like the Peavey USB-P (this is only 16-bit) as this will eliminate any noise from ground loops.

    to run two speakers in stereo.
    just lower the gain on the speakers and increase the signal from the laptop. you'll be fine :)
  3. i have that same set up.. i use numark mixtrack pro.. goes from ur laptop, to mixer,mixer to speakers, very simple......
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