Gaming laptop 15" or 17"

I can't decide whether I want a 15" or a 17".
I have a gaming desktop at home. 23" screen. So the laptop is not a desktop replacement, its more of a 'in case I travel, or take to work/school' kind of laptop.

These are the two laptops I want, one 15" and the other 17".
Model: G60JX-RBBX05 | SKU: 9736955


I would enjoy having the bigger screen for gaming, but the 17" is also a lot heavier, doesn't fit into a backpack (I think it doesnt?), and the bigger screen/resolution can affect my gaming FPS as the graphics card will be working harder.
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  1. go for the asus. the gts 360m is faster than the 5650 found in the gateway model. the asus is 16"and not 15". anyway it is more portable than the 17 inch gateway model.
  2. +1^
    GT 360M performs significantly better than a HD 5650M in games
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