I have just bought a new Acer V3-531 Microsoft keep wanting to install updates b

Hi, I have just bought an Acer V3-531 and Microsoft keep trying to install updates but the computer automatically switches off before all 3 updates are installed. We are therefore in a loop of msoft trying to install updates and the computer swiching off before they are all loaded. Can I make the machine stay on longer before switching off?
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  1. Can you force the update via Start -> Control Panel -> Windows Update -> Check online for updates from Microsoft Update?
  2. Is your laptop plugged in to wall power?
    If not, it is probably suspensing early to conserve battery.

    Go to control panel/power options/ and check out the power off or suspend times for the power plan you are using.
    You might need to increase the on time.
  3. Take a note of the KBxxxx number, use google and download them and then run one at a time, with a reboot inbetween. Sometimes, updates conflict with each during the same install time.
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