amd or intel?

I'm thinking about building a new conmputer for myself but i'm not sure on the processor/mobo i want to go with, this is what i have so far.
-ThermalTake Xaser III V1420A Black Steel Case 420 watt power supply
-Corsair XMS Extreme Memory 512MB DDR PC-3200
-Western Digital 80GB 7200RPM
-3 sony drives cdrw/dvd/floppy
-nVIDIA GeForce FX5700 ULTRA
and i'm not sure wether to go with the:
-ASUS 875P Chipset Motherboard P4C800 DELUXE w/ P4 2.8c
- ASUS nForce2 Ultra 400 Chipset Motherboard A7N8X-E Deluxe w/ athlon xp 3000+ with barton core
can someone help me?
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  1. What is your new PCs main purpose? What kinds of tasks will it be performing?
  2. mostly gaming and video editing
  3. I'd look into Athlon 64 3000+ as well. It's about that same price as the others.

    Check the benchmarks for the apps you use.

    If you do Video encoding, <A HREF="" target="_new">this</A> is a good review.

    If you can get the Athlon 64 3000+, that is excellent for gaming.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Piccoro on 03/24/04 11:27 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  4. i'm also thinking about going with the athlon xp-m 2500+ and overclocking it
  5. also does can anyone give me a link to overclocking amd processors i've only worked with intel.
  6. The mobile xps are very nice. They do perform well when oced. It is also nice that you can just set it up in bios and away it goes. Investing in a good hsf is important.
  7. With the XP-M you certainly get a CPU that's more likely to reach super high overclocks, and the choice of very mature nForce2 400/Ultra 400.

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  8. If you can, why don't you wait to the new Processors/MB's arrive soon with PCI Express, etc.

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  9. because believe it or not, pci express and 64 bit processors wiln't be needed for aleast another year. They haven't even come close to maxing out the agp 8x port. And native 64 bit programs haven't even come out for servers yet. Give it time when it is needed and the prices drop.
  10. 64 bit processing may not be "out yet", but the 64 bit chips are, and they fly, even in 32 bit apps. If you will be upgrading again next year, by all means wait for more mature platforms, I will. I bought an NF7-S and a mobile xp2500+ to tide me over. I run it at 2.3 for normal and 2.4 for power. It's great.
    On the other hand as soon as W64 comes out the A64 chips will get a big boost. The chip will be able to use the new registers that have been sitting idle. SSE2 will work better, and most aps will have fewer wait states. Multitasking should see the greatest gains.
    Until then you are just stuck with one of the fastest chips around.
  11. that's what i plan on getting, a xp-m 2500+ and i'm gonna overclock it too 200fsbx12 i will have a thermaltake case and a nasty heat sink so i'm hoping it will run around 30-35 degrees cesius idle
  12. Mine needs 1.8v to get to 2.4 so it idles at 46c, gets to 51c after running prime95 for an hour or so. I'm only using a vantec aeroflow though.
  13. I have my 2500+ Mobile runiing @ 2.5 at 1.8 volts. I'm using an slk-900A and a 92mm tornado @ 3000rpm and my cpu idles around 35c. Not to bad for a $93 chip if you ask me.

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  14. Much better cooling than the vantec.
    The case looks great, but IMHO Tt fans are overrated.
  15. I disagree, i have a friend with this case but he has a intel 3.0c, he's idle around 22 celsius with stock cooling, i know amd run hotter and i know i wiln't get it that low but i'm getting a much better heatsink so hopefully it'll stay in the 30s i just don't want it to push over 50. my one friend has a xp 2000+ and his is running at around 60 celsius with stock heatsinkand no o/c! that's retarted, i think he has either a bad chip or his heatsink is messed up
  16. The T-bred b and barton cores run much cooler than the old palomino and T-bred a cores. The bartons run cooler than the P4cs and es. Intel just puts huge hsf units on them.
    If you dont believe me about the quality of Tt fans, try this. After you have had your system running for a while, switch one of the back fans for a vantec case fan (<$10) Recheck your system temps.
    If you change the top, one back, and one front fan to the vantecs you will be really well off. The vantecs push more air, and run quieter.
    I would also like to see one of the side fans off center to the chip. Just in front and below would be best.
  17. i found out why my friends xp2000+ was running so hot. He had his voltage set at 1.76 at stock speeds when it's suppost to be 1.65 at stock speeds. I'm not sure how this ended up set like this. His mobo should of picked up the 1.65 voltage if he never attempted to overclock.
  18. Its a palomino chip. They all ran at 1.75 v. Thats why it's so hot, too much leakage current.
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