Computer totally stopped working

ok... i have a PC with and ASUS cusl motherborad, pentium 2, and a few weeks ago it started acting wierd. First, it would restart itself randomly, as if someone was hitting the restart button. This would happen more and more frequently until it couldnt get past booting up. if i shut it off and let it rest for a while, id be able to get it to run for a while, but it would still go back to doing the whole restart itself thing.

every now and then, it would get to the BIOS setup and tell me that the CPU frequency is not set right, but i checked many times and it is set at 750.. thats what it was always at..

Now the computer is at the point that only the fans turn and nothing else happens. Sometimes it will boot, but only after its been shut off for a few days. even then, it does the whole restart routine and spirals down to totally not functioning.

If ANYONE knows what could be wrong... please tell me.

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  1. Well their could be a majority of things wrong. We'll just have to systematically check them and try to help you out. Have you reseated all of your cables, cards and memory? I'm not sure how familiar you are with pc's or not. By reseating I mean unplugging an plugging back in. I'd go ahead and do that and see how that works. If that doesn't work, unplug all the cables from the floppy, cd-rom, and hard drive, and then pull out all but one chip of memory and all of your cards in your expansion slots except for the video card. And then try to power it on. If that doesn't work you may have a bad board, cpu or power supply. Then you'd have to test each component in another system. Try these and get back with us.

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  2. Sounds like definitely a power supply problem to me

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  3. JimmyDean beat me to it. I'd be willing to be money it's your PS. Get a new one, either an Enermax or Antec. Enermax is my pick.

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  4. First make sure your reset, turbo and power buttons are not damaged or stuck. To test this take the power cord out of the PCs power supply and press each of the buttons. If they feel sticky or dont seem to feel smooth, then there's your answer - replace the case. However if they are smooth then you'll need to keep invetsigating.

    First check that your Power pack's wires have no sign of damage. Also check the actual device that each plug is plugged into has no damage. Make sure everything is seated correctly, and check that the wires connecting your reset, turbo and power buttons to your motherboard are seated correctly and not damaged in any way. Also check your graphics card is seated correctly and firmly. Check everything is properly plugged in. If the problem persists then u must have a virus that is affecting the Boot Sequence or BIOS.

    If its a power pack problem then make sure that your new is at least 300w. Pentium processors use quite a bit of power. Check your power lead is also not got any cuts or damage. If neccessary fit a larger fuse in the Plug (if possible, in England we have a fuse in our three pin plugs. I'm not sure whether a 2 pin U.S. or European plug does.

    Lemme know if this helps

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  5. It possibly is the P/S but I'd install a new CMOS battery first.

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  6. Pentium IIs are notorious for having probs with their bridgeboard contacts (where the circuit board that holds the CPU plugs into the motherboard). If you're used to pulling PC's apart take it out and clean the contacts with alcohol.

    Also check the heatsink and fan that they're not clogged with dust and that the fan is working. Considering the age of the system I would say the fan would be getting to the end of its serviceable life and needs replacing dying fans are the main cause of CPUs overheating and the sort of probs that you're describing.
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