Exchange 2010 - Global address book issue

We've just found out that when you set up an Exchange mailbox on a users PC, when you try to set the same mailbox on another PC it gives a relatively small issue. -- Note that mail is still being sent and recieved just fine.

1.) When opening the Global Address Book: "The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action."

2.) When printing an email... same error.

3.) Public folders too.

We've tried several things from the user to the server, then noticed it happens on any "second" machine for any mailbox and points us to a server issue..

Anyone have something to try or have seen this problem? These are the only three issues that have come up.
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  1. questions :
    1. exchange sp level
    2.client (outlook? which version?)
    3. client A and B are on the same LAN/VLAN
    4. do you have any firewall on server/clients
    5. clients are set to cache mode
  2. Give this a look over and see if anything is relivant.

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