Which procesor will be better for gaming i3 or i5?

I wanna buy a dell laptop. The STUDIO 15(i3,4gb ddr3 RAM,1g ATI Mobility Radeon 5470...COST :44,400)and INSPIRON 15(i5,4gb ddr3 RAM,320gb 1gb ATI Mobility Radeon 5470...COST:42,900). Which one will be the best for playing games. Not too many heavy games but one or two games.i3 or i5 and studio or inspiron. Please answer.
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  1. Depends on what type of games your planning on playing. i3 is the entry level CPU so If you're planning on doing ANY gaming I would recommend the i5. Other than the CPU the systems are identical except for the build design and some onboard peripherals (see the specs page on the Dell website for each product). The 5470 video card is also entry level but if your playing older games it should run fine in medium to high detail at 720p resolution (Halo, Half-Life 2, Counterstrike, Blizzard games, Unreal Tournament III, Call of Duty 4). The HD4670 in the Studio XPS would be the better choice if your trying to build a decent gaming laptop without spending too much.
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