Can IBM Thinkpad 600e use a wireless pcmcia card?

I have an older IBM Thinkpad 600e that is running win. 2000. My daughter wants to get online wirelessly. Will any of these pcmcia cards work or should I be looking for a particular one?
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  1. I think you may be better checking out a wireless USB dongle for compatability.If you are on USB1 make sure the dongles are backward compatable. They usually are and you can get one for £5-£10
  2. the usb wireless thing sticks out so far and I think that it will get bumped or broken. I liked the idea of the pcmcia dont think that it will work?
  3. I honestly dont know. But I see you are on Win2000 so I assume you have had your lappy for quite sometime. I would therefore think it is going to be difficult to get a pmcia card for it as the cards have changed a couple of times. I can only suggest you go to your laptop makers website and see if they have a contact number or e-mail. Hopefully someone else may post more help for you as I am stuck for further ideas. Good Luck
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