Socket T - one time use only?

<A HREF="http://www.xbitlabs/" target="_new">Xbitlabs</A> reported from Hannover that there are serious issues with socket T. Basically, the pins in socket T are now on the mainboard and no longer on the chip. So instead of getting a bent pin on your processor and moaning to Intel for a replacement - which costs them money - you're going to get a <A HREF="" target="_new">bent pin</A> on your motherboard and have to complain to you MOBO manufacturer. Crafty old Intel. Apparently motherboard manufaturers are extremely nonplussed as you can imagine.

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  1. I was wondering how they were going to manage that! That's no good, its a lot easier to remove and replace a CPU than it is a motherboard. What they need to do is make the CPU AND the motherboard female type, and just make a male to male adapter panel. That would keep the problematic area (the pins) separate from all the valuable stuff.

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  2. Hey, good thinking. Nice idea! :smile:

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  3. It may be easier to replace an intel chip, than the board, but if I'm stuck paying I'd want to go the other way.
    It's easier to rma a board than an intel chip with a bent pin, as well.
    The thing I dont like, is that the power connection points are likely to become very hot. Scotty doesn't need any more heat.
  4. That's a very nice idea, but they would have to make the pins easier to damage just to make up in all the costs of the cpu's that aren't ruined.

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  5. I suspected that would happen. Also it's more expensive to produce that socket than it is to put pins on the CPU. What Intel is doing is saving a few dollars on the CPU, by increasing the cost of the board by 4x as many dollars. That way they think people will blame boardmakers for high prices, instead of mighty Intel.

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