Q-basic software compatable in Windows 7

I purchased one hp laptop ( 2nd ) gen. with os- win 7 (ultimate). but the problem is - Q-basic software is not installing.
now what I have to do?
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  1. what q-basic software? Where from? Win7 32 or 64?
  2. Qbasic was supported on DOS-based platforms - what version of Windows did your previous machine run? You will need a new Basic environment that is compatible with 7. Or, if you are feeling silly and it ran under XP, you could run an XP virtual machine inside Win7. That's using a cannon to kill a fly.

    This thread has suggestions: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/4618-63-qbasic-windows
  3. qbasic is not well-supported natively on Windows newer than XP SP3 32 bit (I've gotten, at least on Vista/7/8 32 bit, qbasic to run so long as I didn't try full-screen mode, which would always crash) according to my experience with them. I'd suggest using XP mode (if available to you) or using a virtual machine if you want better QBasic compatibility. WyomingKnott has good suggestions and a good link.
  4. I run Quick Basic prof. It runs fine (In a window) using Windows 7 32 bit. For 64 bit, I use Dos Box.

    I did NOT install, I just copied the Program directory from a previous installation to My D drive then use a Bat file (QBX.bat entry is "D:\BC7\qbx" BC7 is my directory and qbx is the executable).
  5. Chief beat me to it - you can run a lot of stuff in Dos Box, assuming that you really want to. I only use it for some of the great old games, and since the XML5 version of Lemmings came out why bother?
  6. I still do some programing using basic professional. I normally use on of my alder laptops that only have 4 gigs of ram and I keep 32 bit win 7 on them, primarily for work.
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