Need help on config for budget comp

I am building a comp for my uncle. He really won't do much with expect go online and do word processing once in awhile. He really doesn't need comp at all, so he would only get one it is really really cheap. I trying to come with config between $200 to $400 USD. It need to be complete system with monitor and everything else.

For the CPU, I am already quite set on a 2100 XP. However not sure on other compoments. That where I really need some help on.

Whats a good cheap MB for AXP, with onboard sound+lan?
Also I need find budget case / PS that is good.
Also I need real cheap vid card, something for like $25 USD. He defintaly won't play any games, so any vid card the works will do. Maybe, there a MB with onboard video?

Another problem is finding a cheap monitor, seems like all of them are around $100 by itself alone. Any place where I can get one cheap?

Any suggestions would be help, I would prefer to keep the cost as low as possible.
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  1. the thing about making it cheap is the old saying "you get what you pay for" certain parts aren't verygood if you go cheap. with the xp 2100+ they tend to run hot so if your getting a cheap case and probably using stock heatsink watch your temps, they can easily push to 55-60 celsius when they have alittle air getting to them. but if you plan on going cheap, is the cheapest
  2. get an xp with an nforce board. you should be able to find an nforce 1 board with video, sound and network integrated. cs game server -
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  3. CPU : If you really want to go cheap and you will not play games, get a Duron 1.6GHz for less than 40$US.

    Motherboard : <A HREF="" target="_new">Asus A7N8X-X</A> (59$US with onboard audio/LAN)

    Monitor : There is low-cost ( <A HREF="" target="_new">75$ on</A>) 17 inchs CRT monitor, but they are probably very LOW quality.

    Video card : If you don't care, get the lowest AGP video card you can find that is supported by the OS you will install on this PC.

    CASE/PSU : Any basic case with a 300Watts PSU will be enough. Because you will not have a power angry GPU and you probably will not put 2 HDD and 2 CD-DRIVE in this PC. If you want to play safe get 350Watts PSU, but for a basic system it's not mandatory.

    Would you buy a potato powered chipset?
  4. Very hard to do NEW on that budget. Good used barebones or build from refurbished parts maybe. Loads of Sunday ad mail in rebate items, maybe. Otherwise, As far as new, maybe an NF2 IGP with integrated video/LAN/Sound. It still has an AGP port too to later add a nicer video card if need be.

    Biostar M7NCG PRO $83
    Athlon XP 2000+ retail (w/fan) $58
    256MB name brand PC2700 $44 (cheaper from retail stores after rebate)
    Cheap case with 300W or higher PS, or refurb name brand $35
    1.44MB FDD $9
    40GB 7200 RPM Maxtor or WD HDD $58
    Intel Modem $8 if needed

    Total $295

    Still need Monitor, KB, Mouse, Speakers, Operating System.

    oem Duron 1.6 and a cheap fan saves only $15 over retail XP2000+

    Monitor, look nice used 17" or refurbished 17" for under $40. New, is going to have to be a Sunday ad rebate offer to get under $70. yeah otherwise $100+

    $500-600 complete you can do a nice new system. $200-$400 I'd say buy a used one or take your chances on refurbished components. If you live in NJ, I have loads of used ones in that price range. :wink: Anyway, good luck.

    edit: I forgot an optical drive

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  5. I did some looking around and this is the config I came up with so far:

    CPU: <A HREF="" target="_new"> AMD 2000 xp retail for $57 </A>

    MB: <A HREF="" target="_new"> Chaintech 7VJL6 with VIA KT 600 chipset with video/lan/etc. for $54 </A>

    Memory: <A HREF="" target="_new"> Kingston value ram 2700 256 MB for $39 </A>

    HD: <A HREF="" target="_new"> WB 7200 rpm 40 GB HD for $49 </A>

    monitor: <A HREF="http://" target="_new"> 14/15 inch refrubished monitor for $50</A>


    Floppy on pricewatch for $6 shipped
    Samsung DVD drive for $22 shiped
    modem for $4 shipepd
    For the OS, I will just give me an old copy of windows 98 thats is lying around.

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  6. Total so far is $281, which is quite good. Leaves 120 for case/PS, keyboard, mouse, and maybe a printer. I will try and find some case/PS now...
  7. Tigerdirect has COMPLETE XP2600+ SYSTEMS for $360.

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  8. Yeah, Tiger refurbs are very cheap sometimes. I personally can't stand Tiger anymore as I think they are a shady company. Plus ever since their tech support told me no retension mechanism is needed on Slot 1 Celerons "just stick it in the slot" I tend to not trust them. They sold me the motherboard and cpu, but didn't know how to mount it. It was on my first complete build, luckily I knew enough to search out sepp retension mech and didn't go by their advice. But Tiger does offer deals that are hard to beat sometimes. I'd say only for fairly experienced people though.

    ABIT IS7, P4 2.6C, 512MB Corsair TwinX PC3200LL, Radeon 9800 Pro, Santa Cruz, TruePower 430watt
  9. $50 for a refurbished 14-15" CRT is way to high. 17" ones are cheaper than that. Most places don't deal in the small ones anymore as they aren't worth fixing. Any Market Pro computer shows near you? <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    ABIT IS7, P4 2.6C, 512MB Corsair TwinX PC3200LL, Radeon 9800 Pro, Santa Cruz, TruePower 430watt
  10. I've had real good luck with the Metis 300W cases from Built my sister-in-law an Athlon and no problems so far. For 27 bucks you get a real sharp looking case with a side fan included. Front USB's and headphone and mic inputs too. The thing assembles like a dream too. My back-up P3V4X/667 system resides in one. I'd buy a cheap monitor locally otherwise shipping will kill you.

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  11. <A HREF="" target="_new"> Here </A> is the summary of Anand's budget system for march, which has some decent ideas in it. It was just over $500, $150 of which was a monitor.
  12. i agree with the 1.6ghz duron.. and they are very overclockable too with lower temps

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