Toshiba Satilite can rectify itself after major failure!

I somehow created a massive failure to my Toshiba. I didn't know what to do.
Couldn't boot for the life of me. All the registry's had been wiped.
Didn't have a repair disk, (forgot to create one). I thought about the big cost and
inconvenience to take it to be repaired. (Been there, done that, on another computer).

After many attempts to frustratingly re-boot, (to my surprise) and out of the blue,
it finally started to repair itself.

It didn't take all that long, but waiting for the result seemed to take forever.
I'd lost everything, but, after it finally came into being, all I had to do was,
get back on the internet, and let the computer find, (almost), everything it needed.
It updated everything. It was a massive download. But, I didn't care, it had to be done.

Being smart enough, earlier, copied my complete C: drive onto an external storage device.
As an un-official backup. (Why I did that, I don't know), I normally wouldn't have????

Anything the computer needed that it couldn't find on the net was found on the external
storage device. And, I could look through the files on that device to see what files the
computer missed, checking if they were important to be copied over or not?

I had kept most of the SETUP programs in special folders for all the stuff I had been
installing. So, all I had to do, was re-run what programs I really needed and left the rest until
I wanted them. (Sure gave me some extra space on the hard drive heh, heh).

This goes to show, that all hope is not lost in some circumstances, and it doesn't hurt to
fork out that liitle extra for a good computer. It saved me greatly and gave me great
satisfaction in knowing that todays technology is marvelous.

Note: An experience worth sharing.

Regards, Lt Priboi.
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