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ive been trying to get my old dell latitude D610 back up to good speed. the way i got it was keeping it when i left my old company *dont tell em ;)* but i never got any of the reinstall disks since its a company laptop. it had some weird company networking software and was all messed up so im going to format the whole thing with an old windows xp disk. note that the windows xp key is on the back too! my question is will i have driver issues after i have windows back up on the machine. i did look at and they had a bunch of stuff but im not positive whats necesarry for like the chipset and the VGA adapter and the wireless card.

Please help me!

theres the driver list
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  1. Do it and see -- usually the screen won't work at full res without a driver but otherwise should be okay with XP's drivers. Check that the USB and hard drive controller are at spec -- another area where the maker's drivers are better than XP.
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