My CD-ROM is give up the ghost when I boot the machine CD-ROM works only a short time then it stops it CD pots out and when I push it back it does a few clicks and that's as far as it goes use in the Pioneer CD-ROM.
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  1. Get a new one, they are about $20 for a DVD-RW drive.
  2. That could be a problem thou.

    If the computer only has a CD-ROM drive, it is almost certain to be pre-SATA and the SATA to IDE adapter don't always work, especially for using OD for boot drive.

    The chance that the mobo support USB boot (so you can use a USB DVD drive instead) is also close to zero.

    Check if you need a SATA or IDE DVD drive. The IDE DVD drive are closer to $40 in where I am, if you can find one.
  3. can we even assume it is a computer?

    it is posted in home audio and the op states a pioneer cdrom drive.

    perhaps they are talking about a cd player or boombox of some sort? in which case cdrom issues are much more complex.

    or if we are dealing with a computer perhaps the device is a dvdrom drive but the op is labeling it as a cdrom drive only. without such answers from the op it is impossible to tell. sata is fairly old now... i havent seen many people using systems which are still ide. you can still get ide drives at decent prices if you look around. i'm sure there is an old technology "junk" store someplace.
  4. "boot the machine" pretty much points to a computer. Bit odd way of talking about a stereo system.
  5. well technically i suppose you could call starting up a cd player "booting it up".

    i've heard stranger things.....i suppose we just sit and wait on a response from the op.
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