Mobile AMD the same as AMD?

Im going to buy a computer and i know a little about intel and amd.

But i wounder if mobil amd and mobile intel has the same advantage/disadvantage as amd and intel or are they diffrent?

Is Mobile AMD better for games and Mobile Intel better for application, film and music, and in that case Is Intel much better whit application, film and music?

Thankfull for all help.

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  1. mobile intels don't work like the amd mobiles. The amd chips are unlocked, that's why so many people buy them for their desktops, because you can greatly overclock them. I believe the intel mobiles are locked chips and also i believe they are a different socket size then there desktop cousins.
  2. AMD mobile and non-mobile are exactly the same chips. AMD take the best "normal" cpu and marked then as "mobile". So they can be run at lower voltage. And they don't lock the multiplier on it, so in laptops the CPU will adjust is speed depending on the processing power needed or power management configuration.

    It's why you cna buy Mobile AMD and put them into your home PC, they use the same socket.

    Would you buy a potato powered chipset?
  3. Thank you.

    If i understod right mobile AMD has the same advantage and disadvatage as normal AMD. How about Intel is Mobile Intel good at the same stuff normal Intel is good at?
  4. hummm mobile intel has unlock mutipliar also, my P4-M 2.26 has unlock mutipliar
  5. Intel's mobile P4's have "speed step" technology which allows the board to change the multiplier from pre-set (on the CPU) settings. The socketed mobiles will fit a standard desktop board, but drop to a lower multiplier automatically. Anandtech used a P4-M to get higher bus speeds for motherboard testing last summer.

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