Laptop HDD:Sata to Sata II

Hello,I really need your help here.
I really have to change my laptop's HDD since is really failing (cyclic redundancy check errors,pc is lagging alot).
I have to buy a new HDD (my curent one is Hitachi HTS541680J95A00 80GB,5400RPM Sata)
My question is.If i buy a Western Digital Scorpio Blue 160GB Sata II,will it work since it's sata II?
Thanks. :)
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  1. I believe that you can do that, as the cables are the same, i.e. backwards compatible. However, if you go with a SATA II drive, it will cost you more and you probably will not see much of a performance gain due to the fact that SATA (1) is only able to handle roughly half the data (in theory). Your best off going with a simple SATA I drive.
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