Tech support deleted my Folders and Inbox by mistake

he didnt pay attention to a little box poped(Windows live mail7) out warning him if he deletes my email address he'll also delete many folders and inbox consisting of over 600 emails.:(.....than he restored my PC but only about 60 emails came back and none of the Folders.The damage which he's done its around £5000 because there where very important financial info. and Documents in those folders and emails....
they said they'll sand me a conversation between as. i know its his mistake.However i wonder can they modify conversation however it suits them?My loss of around £5000 i dont have a proof of this. Can i still get a viable compensation?
I wonder also would it be possible to retrieve some Folders and some more if not all emails in my Inbox?
Thank you in advance
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  1. It may be possible as the database for that account might still be on disk. However, if you had such important data why didn't you have a backup?
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