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In the market for a Netbook, Could use some input!

Last response: in Laptops & Notebooks
May 22, 2010 7:09:48 PM

I'm looking for a netbook that has solid battery life, small form factor, good processing performance, somewhat upgradable (memory mainly), and preferably has Windows 7. (yes, starter is fine)

I work for my school's newspaper and the computer's are always occupied by fellow staff members, I MAINLY need this for web research and word processing. I've got my main desktop for gaming so that's no concern to me. I was originally eye-balling the Archos 5 Internet Tablet due to it's sleek design, portability, large battery life, USB 2.0 slot (external keyboard hehe), and LOW price tag.

The netbook I also had my eye on is an MSI Wind, seems like a solid performer, but then again, its kinda large.

Note that I have a budget of around $275-$325(at most), so no notebook for me.

Well, I'll let you guys get to work.
Thanks a million!

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a c 572 D Laptop
May 22, 2010 7:49:39 PM

Any chance you can slip away and visit your local computer super store and check out the 10" and 11.6" models? Check out those keyboards & screens and see if the larger keyboard and higher res 1366x768 sized LCD screen is worth nudging your budget up another $75.

You don't usually see the MSI Wind on any of the TOP 10 best notebook lists.
But I havent seen any hands on reviews of the new Wind L1350 models.

May 23, 2010 6:32:32 AM

Yes, I've already checked out the larger screen variants of netbooks and decided it wasn't worth that extra $75^ I really need the portabl-est of the portable..
THANKYOU for that list, I found a netbook I really like. It's the right price and has a pretty insane battery life.

Any comments on the Archos 5? I tried one out today at radio shack and was shocked how much I enjoyed the user interface.
a c 572 D Laptop
May 23, 2010 1:28:04 PM

You can find quite a few Acer 532h reviews around the 'Net:
Acer 532h and Acer 532h

I looked over the Archos 5 (and 7) back when they first came out in 2008 and again just before Christmas and I liked it too.
A bigger, higher res iPod Touch at about the same price.
800x480 vs 480x320 and Opera browser with Flash vs Safari browser w/o Flash
But not supporting voice control and already having an iTouch kept me from getting too interested.
Archos also has the Atom CPU & Win7 Archos 9 tablet out (think ASUS T91 without the keyboard) but is up against the iPad.
Android 2.2 is looking promising for next-gen tablets and PMPs.