HP dv9000 static build-up/Hold power button down for 30-45 secs.

I have a HP DV9000 laptop that the Nvidia video chip has been proffesionally reflowed.It worked flawlessly until one night I left the ac adapter plugged in and the next day it wouldn't boot. So i took out the battery and unplugged the ac adapter and held the power button down for 30-45 seconds like everyone says to. This discharges the static. I then plugged in th ac adapter and it booted right up.This method supposedly discharges the excessive static this model builds up by leaving the ac adapter plugged in to long. Now I have to do this everytime I shut my PC off and this only works with my battery out. After I reboot and install my battery nothing works. So the only way I can use my laptop is to always leave the battery out and hold down the button with the ac adapter unplugged and then replug everytime if I want to use my laptop.My question is....... what causes this static build up and is there any workarounds for this problem. This is a known issue with this laptop. Please help !!!!
Thanks James

P.S. I don't have any hair left,I pulled it all out !!!
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  1. Simply put, it could be a variety of things that are causing the static build up. For example, it could be the type of batteries that HP is using or the internal components, i.e. the motherboard. It can be tough to tell, especially dealing with HP. If it is still under warranty, I'd call HP and give them an ear full and see if they'll send you a new one. If not, I'd recommend staying away from HP in the future.
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