Audio cutting in/out consistently

Hi there,

When listening to music it cuts out very quickly (as if someone is pressing pause then play VERY fast) - making a static-like sound that lasts about a quarter of a second. This occurs about once every 5 seconds. I have tried listening to music from various sources like youtube and my personal mp3 collection but it still happens. The problem is more pronounced when using my Siberia v2 headphones likely due to the sound output being right next to my ears.

Now I should probably mention that I didn't notice this problem until I decided to try out my Siberia v2 usb sound card for the first time. I downloaded the drivers for it, let the automatic install complete, then restarted my computer. I then started paying attention to my audio to see if the 7.1 usb sound card was an improvement, which is when I noticed this problem.

It seems the logical thing to do would be uninstall the Sibera USB Sound Card drivers and test the sound again, but I am unsure how to do so since the download only came with a setup.exe.

PS. I have tried different setups of plugging headphones + speakers into my motherboard outbound sound and the headphones + speakers into the new USB Sound Card. The problem is much more pronounced when plugged into the USB sound card.

Any advice you could give would help alot!

Thank you
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  1. sounds like either a hardware conflict (between your onboard sound and the new card) or a problem with the new card.

    by the way you are speaking the sound card in question is attached via usb (and not installed internally) is this correct?

    i'm not sure what type of software was installed but if you remove the sound card while off and turn it back on it should ignore the new drivers and use whatever existing soundcard you had. you can always manually go in and uninstall any software in control panel add/remove and delete out any other files later if you wanted to.

    if you want to use said sound card then you could try downloading new drivers, checking for any conflicts (system info) before assuming it is a defective device.


    i've never heard of siberia (the card, not the place) so i dont know anything specific. for 7.1 add-on sound cards anything from soundblaster is what i've always preferred as i never had any trouble and the cards are rather cheap.
  2. Yes, the 'new sound card' is an external usb 7.1 sound card. I downloaded the software from the Steelseries website (the manufacturer). After the running the executable a new program called Steelseries USB Soundcard was installed and I'm assuming new drivers were as well.

    I definitely want to make the usb sound card work, maybe the easiest way would be to run a system restore to before I installed the program, and try the card without the program.
  3. well you could system restore or uninstall the program. that would be the first step i would try (and remove the card as well). if sound goes back to normal then i would start from there again.

    make sure the drivers are compatable with your os. some drivers are very specific about which os (xp,vista,7) and which bit version (32,64) you are running.
  4. Ok so I uninstalled the program (which I think uninstalled the driver as well, not entirely sure how to confirm), disconnected the usb sound card and restarted my computer. I've tried listening to some classical music (where the problem is most apparent) and it is still occurring.

    I'm not even sure if a system restore would help because unfortunately I'm not sure if this problem was present before the installation of this usb sound card.

    I suppose another thing which might help is to look for an update to my motherboard's sound card drivers.
  5. well you did originally state the at this problem was not present before installing the sound card. if you had this issue (even intermittantly) before this sound card was installed then your problem lies could lie elsewhere.

    perhaps even with your speakers or motherboard onboard sound?
    to determine if it is the speakers you could test the speakers on another computer or test other speakers on your computer
  6. Hmm..I just decided to try plugging my headphones directly into the computer audio out without the sound card connected and I didn't notice dropouts anymore.

    Now I guess it's safe to say it's the sound card causing the problems as predicted. I have tried connecting it via a different USB port, but same dropouts occurring.

    I would really like to have the sound card functional without these dropouts, is there anything that you can suggest to do this? I'll try installing the official driver+program again to see if that helps.
  7. if the sound card hardware (or official software) is causing quality issues then i find it hard to suggest using them. that said, if its a software issue (with their drivers) then you could try contacting the company to report your problems. hopefully they can patch their software to work with your hardware. if its a hardware issue then you're most likely sol.

    another thing to note is that sometimes software only works in certain versions of windows while causing issues in others. this refers to the release (xp, v, 7) and the bit ver (32, 64). often compatability issues are listed.
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