Adding Speaker by using 5.1 Sound card

I have
Creative Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 PCI Sound Card_SB0220
Zoltrix E-18_2.1 Speaker that i bought new
my old loudy Zoltrix Stereo 2.0 Speaker
Dell Stereo Speaker Sound bar with my LCD

I want to configure my system as to use all 3 speaker at a time using 5.1 sound card for a more dynamic sound.I don't know much about PC.

Q1_Is it possible? and How?
Q2_Can I use my Dell sound bar as front audio speaker, Zoltrix 2.0 as side/rear speaker and Zoltrix 2.1 as rear/sub-woofer speaker without using Y-adopter...i mean by using pins in sound card directly

Its my first ever post on internet, i don't know much. Plzzzzzz help me out on this, or guide me
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  1. plzzzzz help me out
  2. someone help me on ths
  3. You won't get a better sound by using all of those speakers, none of them will match in sound levels or sound reproduction. Get a set of 5.1 speakers or just use whichever of the speakers you have sound best.
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