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I have a 1TB drive with win7 installed on it, as well as various other applications. I just bought a 120GB SSD and want to move my OS over to it, but leave all the other files on the HDD. Is there a way I can do this without having to reinstall all my applications?
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  1. The easy answer is no, reinstall. The hard answer is maybe but it depends on how you set up your large drive and which brand of SSD you have. For example, if you have 2 partitions on your HDD and kind of kept your OS partition small and your data on a second Partition AND your new drive is a SSD Intel drive. you could shrink your OS partition to fit on your SSD and use Intel's tools to image and copy the OS to your new SSD, then remap drives to the correct drive letter and be good. You have use caution if you attempt to do this with other software or SSDs
  2. Reinstall it is :/ Thanks.
  3. You will have to reinstall Windows on the new SSD and just keep your data on your 1TB HDD. The good news is, with the SSD you will install Windows and all your applications much faster.
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