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I'm searching for something similar to the xbox 360 wireless earset but for a Windows 7 computer.
I'll probably be using skype for in-game discussion while the game will use the casual speaker output.

Microsoft LifeChat ZX-6000 Wireless USB PC Headset is complete crap, not working well on Windows 7 and my USB3 port killed the earset battery...

It's hard to find since they all call it an headset while it would have bin much more easier to use the term earset
The majority if not all that i find are for the Xbox or the PlayStation ... i found a logitech dicontinued item witch is more than 100$ ...that will not do even though i'd like it to be from Logitech

So i'm wondering if i should find this in the Cellphone department with bluetooth device... but even then, it's hard to find something that says it's working with Windows...

Perhaps the
Never heard of that brand... and after 24 hours i haven't heard from them for a simple customer request, wondering what was the difference between the one annonced on their website and the one on Bestbuy.ca ...it's not the same model number

Any suggestion?

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