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I have recently assembled a system. The hardware Monitor from SOYO shows CPU temp at 45C idle; Chaisis at
I am perplexed at what chould the system run at ?
Is it safe to be running this high ?

Any and All Input/Advice is greatly appreciated.
Thanks In Anticipation

Here are the system Details

Processor : Intel Celeron 2.6Ghz (Socket 478)
300 W Power Supply In ATX tower.
Memory: 512 SDR-133
2 IDE Drives Western Digital
Xtasy Video MX420 64Mb
NIC -100 Mbit
Internal Modem
Fan For Cooling CPU: Speeze P4 (478) Cooling Fan up to 3.0 GHz (used the stock white grease for attaching to CPU)

Fan Description at : http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=315503&Sku=S457-1003&CatId=795

Case Fans:
2 * 80 mm For Exhaust
1 PCI Clot Fan For Exhaust
1 80 mm For Intake
1 80 mm just for directing some more Air at The CPU & FAN Assembly

All 80 mm are Speeze fans about 30 CFM. here is the

Bearing Type: Sleeve
Nominal Speed(RPM): 2500+/-10%
Max Air FlowCFM): 31.73
Rated Voltage: 12V DC
Connector: 3+4 Pin
Noise(dBA): 28.0
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  1. Are you using thermal paste of the thermal pad supplied?

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  2. Yeah Thats What I applied ?
  3. No, he was asking which one you are using. Are you using paste or pad? Paste or Pad? ....Paaaaaste or Paaaaad?

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  4. All that noise (fans) for a little celery? It is well within intel thermal tolerence, but with that many fans, it should be much cooler. Could easily be poor calibration on the thermal sensor.
  5. Hot damn, that is a lot of fans for such a basic config :|
    Maybe its a prescott based celeron ? (even though i read some reports left and right, prescott based celerons wouldnt really run all that hot).

    Anyway, I wouldnt worry too much. Those temps are just fine, won't cause any trouble. I'd worry more about the fact you bought a celeron in the first place. benchmarks already show how terrible celeron performs, but in my (limited) experience, benchmarks don't even tell the whole tale. The few celerons I've worked with, felt so incredibly slow, I kept checking if the harddisk wasnt running in PIO mode, and I kept running Adaware cause I thought something HAD to be wrong. that was just using basic office/windows stuff. My old P3-500 felt a lot more zippy.

    To be fair, those systems I used had integrated graphics as well, and I just read on Aces how that can kill celeron's already limited performance because of the low associativity of the tiny cache, much more than it kills performance on Athlon/Duron or P4.

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  6. Thanks For All These Answers
    Sorry I didnt understand Pad/Paste
    I used the pad that came with the fan... the white grease.
    Can anybody help me with the MB Monitor 5.3.6 I think I downloaded this; but it does not have the settings for the SOYO P4-VGA montherboard that I have
    I dont know how to configure this
    I appreciate any help/answers
  7. a Very quick guide to manually configuring MBM5:

    Make sure you have the Dashboard open;
    Open the Settings;

    Under 'General' options set the "MBM 5 should work at an interval of" setting to 1 second.

    Click 'Temperatures' on the left;
    Choose 'Sensor1' for 'MBM5 Sensor'
    now simply Select each Item under the board sensor drop-down, waiting until the Dashboard displays something that seems sensible. I would expect this to be something like 35C, but might be as much as 45C(as your BIOS says). If it shows something like 30C or thereabouts, then it's your motherboard temperature.

    Just repeat this process for other temperature, voltage & Fan sensors. Remember you'll only get a FAN speed reading for fans that are plugged into the FAN headers on the motherboard.

    When you're done, run sandra burn-in or Prime95 or anything that'll stress the CPU for a while. One of your sensors should increase in temperature fairly quickly. that is definitely your CPU temp.

    with a bit of fiddling you should be able to get stuff that looks more or less ok. once you're sure what's what there are options to change the descriptions in the dashboard.

    for reference my P4 2.8 here at work is currently saying:
    (I would expect you to have broadly similar readings)
    *EDIT* BTW, these readings are when it's not stressed at all, under load my CPU temp gets up to something like 48C)
    CPU: 34C
    Motherboard: 32C
    CPU FAN : 3308RPM
    +3.3V : 3.38
    +5.00V : 5.16V
    +12.00V: 12.34V
    CPU Vcore: 1.52V

    This is how I've always had to configure MBM5 on my systems. Now someone will probably point out you just click some button somewhere and it figures it out for you :smile:

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