Tom's Hardware: What else do you want to see in this application?

What else do you want to see in this application?

Hi all,

I am coding up a little application to help people 'hit the ground running' with a fresh, or not so fresh, Windows installation.

This is a 'design by community' application.
- I will try to incorporate any feedback within 20 minutes, if not then within 48 hours.
- So far, so good :sol:

I'm always looking for ideas to improve it.

eg: Links to drivers for Intel, AMD, nVidia, AMD/ATI, and various other chipset manufacturers, etc.
- Including audio.
- I haven't done this yet, as there are so many & I don't know what people are using these days!. (I need your help).

The application is currently only a few KB in size, and will most likely always be under half a megabyte.

- ZIP of EXE: (< 32KB, release)
- Current version download (link never changes): (< 256KB, .NET ClickOnce installer, Can fetch .NET Framework if required)

Looking forward to peoples feedback, suggestions & ideas over the next few hours/days/weeks.

Scott D. Bowen
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  1. v1.75 - Made some updates to Main Menu and added Get Computer Diagnostics section.

    Current version download (link never changes):

    Added a Get Computer Diagnostics section with downloads to MemTest86+, SiSoftware SANDRA, Western Digital Data Lifeguard utilities and Seagate SeaTools, etc.

  2. its a good idea

    but no offence meant--i wont be trying an executable file from an unknown source

    and theres already ninite free version which can do a lot more programs
  3. Design Goal: I do not want to limit it to download links for other applications.
    - I want to include ways to get to other resources (eg: manuals) more easily so that 'new' PC Hardware enthusiasts can hit the ground running.
    - I also want to include links to common, and not so common, driver downloads for hardware. (Something Ninite will never do).
    - Ideally ones that the Tom's Hardware Community members would use to troubleshoot, diagnose & repair a (Windows) PC.

    I'm aiming for a different selection of applications to

    - I do not want to just link to applications to automate their (bulk) installation, ala: Ninite.
    - Messaging, Media, Imaging, File Sharing aren't exactly applications I would link to.
    - Documents I would handle differently.
    - Security in is a little lacking...
    - Developer Tools in is *very* lacking, but still useful.
    - It completely lacks other 'easy downloads' that it may benefit from. (Such as the Microsoft Downloads that Windows Update lacks. eg: Older DirectX for Windows 7, etc.).

    I'm also happy to release the source code.

    - SDB
  4. i would suggest cpuz,a temperature monitoring software like realtemp etc,at least one web browser

    30 day trial version of aida 64--great tool one of the best i have tried

    a free antivirus
  5. Done:

    I've added Mozilla Firefox and VIPRE AntiVirus to the Main Menu

    Added CPU-Z, GPU-Z, Real Temp, AIDA64 to Diagnostics (can move if suggested, AIDA64 looks like more than Diagnostics).

    - ZIP'd EXE only (smaller)
    - .NET Installer (adds to Start Menu, can be Uninstalled from Control Panel)

    - In response to:
    but no offence meant--i wont be trying an executable file from an unknown source

    - Being a C# .NET app and under 64KB I would be able to port it to a web-app fairly easily down the track (when it's actually useful). :sol:
  6. set up a vm to give it a try

    works fine--no virus detected

    only improvement i could see would be if you could select multiple software and have them automatically downloaded

    no idea how difficult that would be as have no programming skills whatsoever

    but so far it looks like it could be a usefull piece of software

    may also suggest 7zip and vlc player
  7. Hey, thanks.
    Running it from a VM is going to a lot of trouble just to test it.

    As I get better in C# I will add your suggestions.

    I agree that 7-zip, WinRAR, VLC, etc. should be within easy reach.
    - Even if it starts overlapping with 'some of' the functionality of Ninite.
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