Can I install Windows 7 Pro OEM on a Dual Partitioned WIndows 8 PC?

I recently bought a new PC that came pre-installed with Windows 8. I subsequently upgraded to Windows 8 Pro so that my work's software would be compatable. Our database software is not compatible with Windows 8 so I dual partitioned my hard drive with the hopes of installing Windows 7 Pro. I bought Windows 7 Pro OEM because it was cheaper (And I was unaware of the difference at the time). Do I need to use an OPK to install Win 7 Pro OEM, or is it even possible to install with Windows 8 Pro because it's an OEM.

Is there any way I can install my copy of Windows 7 Pro OEM or do I have to buy the Standard Win 7 Pro software? Any instruction or advice would be very helpful.
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  1. all you need to do if you already partitioned the drive and is put the disk in boot make sure you boot off cd/dvd first and do a custom install and select your partition you want to put 7 on.
  2. I've been encountering a Boot Security issue, so I disabled Secure Boot in the UEFI settings and made sure that the DVD/CD drive is first priority. Windows 7 setup begins to start up and shows the Windows logo in front of a Black screen, then freezes and eventually restarts. It would loop like that unless I switch back to Windows 8 on the initial partition choice screen. Can you think of any other settings I might need to tweak in the UEFI in terms of Boot Security or anything else?
  3. have you tried running your database software in compatibility mode?
  4. I have not. HOw would I go about doing that?
  5. right click the exe and select properties the compatibility tab and tell it to run under windows 7
  6. Hey guys, I'm attempting to have the same set up here. I just have a couple questions. First off, which exe are you referring to? Second, if you were able to get this dual boot set up, how has it been working for you? Thanks!
  7. what ever program you are trying to use. or the shortcut icon
  8. Well, I'm trying to install Windows 7 oem on a Windows 8 partition, but I'm running into the same situation as Crane_420. So, I have the bios set up so that it boots from the Windows 7 disc and the boot security has been disabled. I'm getting the same problem where it begins to load Windows 7, but then freezes. So, you're saying I need to locate my database software and change the properties to run under windows 7? What would my database software be? My apologies, I'm new to this if that isn't obvious.
  9. His database software is a program he is trying to run that is not supported in windows 8 but worked in windows 7. So he is trying to dual boot. I told him to try compatibility mode to see if it would work that way. If you right click the programs exe or shortcut and select properties then compatibility mode you can change it to run under like xp, vista, 7 etc. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
  10. Ok, but I feel like we've jumped a step. I'm still trying to install Windows 7 oem on a Windows 8 partition. I've gotten to the same point Crane_420 did where it begins to boot from the Windows 7 disc, the windows logo appears in front a black screen then freezes. So, I still need to install Windows 7. So, if it is possible to do this, what other settings do I need to change?
  11. are you trying to dual boot or did you format 8 to install 7?
  12. the other thing is that you might just have to wait sometimes up to a half hour. The pc will freeze so Windows can try to sort out its resources so just give it time and see if it will come back if it doesnt I would suspect memory problems since 7 is more critical of memory.
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