jbuilder 2005 on windows 7

Not able to install JBuilder 2005 on Windows 7.Installation Hangs.

Any HELP ????
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  1. get the newer version , its an 5 year old program, and its tough to understand Win 7 standards for an older program...
  2. Did you try installing it under compatibility mode? Anyway, jbuilder is a bit dated, though I guess if you already have a skill set with it then it's a pain to move to something else. Of course, it's not the same since Borland got bought by Code Gear, which was then bought by Embarcadero Technologies. Just so you know, the Netbeans IDE is still free and rather robust ^_^
  3. ^ Well I meant when Code Gear was split from Borland and then bought by Embarcadero. The whole thing was just darn confusing really :D
  4. I could get in installed in the Windows XP mode in Windows 7

    now my .Net 2003 is not getting installed in Windows Xp Mode. Framework1.1 and J# redistributalbe installs but frontpage 2000 weclient extensions and setiup files do not .

    Please help.
  5. Xp mode wont work for all programs which need more resources..
    get Vmware player ,,, its free

    and install xp on it..
  6. dont worry , I install jbuilder2005 in windows 7 and i can run it properly
    i solved this 2 problem with serving a day for it
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