Accepted Heat ranges for Ath XP 2700 and thanks..

Hi Everyone

I built my new PC system last night - an upgrade (well - more like a move sideways) from my Celeron 2.2ghz Toshi laptop to a barton 2700+, 512mb ddr333, 80gb hdd, SB audigy2, built in graphics - all contained in a shuttle sn41g2 box. Question is: this machine is a media box, I'm not interested in over clocking anything in it - bearing in mind that this is going to be playing DVD's, DVD-A, MP3s, and CD's what sort of CPU temps should i be getting? After the windows xp install and then a couple of hours worth of movie use, the CPU rated at 44oC (through BIOS) - I am using arctic silver 5 which according to the website will take 200 hours roughly to acheive optimum heat conductivity.
On a lighter note, I have been lurking on here for the last 4 months reading the reviews, and most importantly the forums, so thanks to all the regulars who provide input - you made things soooo much easier when time came to make the purchases.


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  1. mmm...I'd except somewhere around 45C...with adequate cooling you could get temps a lot cooler though. try water cooling :smile:

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  2. To bad you didn't get one of the mobile chips, they run much cooler. The xp2700+ is a warm part. Dont expect the temp yo drop much, maybe a degree or two.
  3. 44C is very ok...Put you hand under water at 44 and you wont be burnt. Normal body temp is 37C. 50 is too hot for the hand to be comfortable...You wont be burnt, but dont feel comfy for your hand. The CPU may died at 80C some degrees thou..I'm not sure at this. My friend ran his Thunderbird 900 MHz at 65C for some failure.

    For me anything lower than 45C Idle is OK. 65C under full load is still OK. Higher than that, well this is not a problem for you cpu, but the heat generated by all the component will raise the temps inside the case faster and can cause instability.

    Stop worring, and watch movies!

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
  4. Those temps are perfectly fine. Obviously, in a cramped SFF box you'll get higher temps than in a large tower case, but 44°c is actually a <b>very</b> good result IMHO. Start worrying once it goes beyond 65°C, and even then you mostly only risk instability. Only once you go beyond 80°C you are looking for real trouble.

    How hard was it to build that shuttle box ? and how do you like it for the rest ? I'm tempted to build one myselve..

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  5. Your CPU temp. is fine

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