Problem with powering car amp with desktop power supply

*I'd like to start out that this system works, but there seems to be an issue with turning it on.*
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So I'm pretty sure I have all the hardware I need but I ran into a little troubling problem. I have a 15 inch subwoofer powered by a car amp and i have a ATX desktop power supply powering the amp. The problem is that when i would touch the remote wire to the power wire of the amp(to turn on the amp), the desktop power supply would just shut off. I have to turn the desktop power supply off and wait a bit before i turn it back on and repeat the process of trying to turn on the amp about 5-15 times until the amp powers on and the desktop power supply stays on.

The hardware I have running all of this is (im pretty sure this system is running at 4ohms):

1200w ATX Desktop Power Supply

(Ran a wire from the power check to any ground wire to make the power supply turn on automatically. Then, I took all of the 12V positive wires and merged it into one big wire (something like 4 gauge) and all of the ground wires and merged it together (4 gauge also i believe). Both the power and ground wires are run into the amp and have a little remote wire that i have dangling)

Kicker ZXS1000.1 1000w RMS @ 2ohm

Kicker 15" CompVR Subwoofer

what actually happens when i would try to turn it on is:
1. the power supply would be on, the fan is spinning, all the power supply wires are plugged into the amp except for the remote wire.
2. i would touch the remote wire to the power wire and the red PROTECTION light on the amp would barely light up and die out
3. the computer power supply's fan would stop spinning and it'd be dead
4. turn the computer supply off, leave it off for a few seconds, then turn it back on and repeat step 1-3 for about 5-15 times
*after each try the red PROTECTION light lights up a little brighter/stays on for a little bit longer
5. Finally, the red protection light will stay on for about 3 secs, then the amp would turn on.

Now I have no idea how to fix this but i think the amp just draws so much power that the power supply just cuts out from surge protection or some sort of protection. Eventually the capacitors in the amp/power supply would be powered enough to stay on and turn the whole system on.

i THINK this is how it would be solved:
on step 11 and 12, it points out that i should run a 330ohm resistor from a grey/brown wire(the "power good"/"power ok") to the 12V positive wire that goes into the amp.

Do you guys think this will fix the problem?
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  1. I told you before...
    The power supply you are using does not have enough current on the 12 volt rail to run the amplifier.
  2. so just wondering, why does it start working after i try to turn it on a good 5-10 times? and I had another idea. what if i got terminals and hooked up the power supply to a car battery basically as a capacitor and another terminal from the car battery to the amp?
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