Windows Backup and Restore onto (a) BD-R blu-ray disk(s)

Has anyone tried to burn a System Image (with Windows Backup and Restore) onto a BD-R disk?
I have 52.5 GB used on my C drive (Windows 7 x64). I have a clean install, with windows updates, and it would be phenomenal if I could use my WH12LS30 (LG) internal blu-ray burner for the System Image creation, since I only have 1 harddrive.

When I try a BD-R (and this is my 1st try at System Image burn) , I see "The media needs to be formatted before it can be used...". Just didn't sound right to procede.
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  1. ....So, I spent another, like $15 on a 5 pack of BD-REs. I got a completion message. But the disk seemed to only have 7.5GB of data on it ( using Windows Explorer, and folder options set to NOT hide protected operating system, or hidden files) . There is 53.2GB used on both C: and the hidden System 100MB partition (together).
    That couldn't be right, could it--that's like a 7 to 1 compression ratio?!
  2. Well, it was time to reformat, so I thought I'd give it a whirl: I restored from the system image off my BD-RE. It got the system back, with the exception of the logical drives (I only have 1 h/d) not associated with windows.
    I have C,D,E, in addition to the hidden 100MB Windows system partition. It, and C: were restored, but D & E were not.

    No wonder it looked like an impossible 7:1 compression denominator was too low.
    I'm glad System Image works.

    NOTE: while in the process of performing the system image, a windows message was to insert a blank disk. I inserted the same disk as I used for the 1st system image burn, and it stored another image, for a total of 2 on the disk, each dated on the date of the "backup". I believe the message was incorrect, and that you are able to store--and use--more than 1 system image on the same disk (if it's big enough--mine is 25G storage space available).
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