64bit OS new build problem

Having a issue installing windows 7 64bit, I can install windows xp 32bit no problem.
I have done just about everything possible the only thing I can think of is I need to change something in my BIOS for 64bit?
If so I am not sure what to do if anyone can help I'd really appreciate it! THANK YOU
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  1. What are your system specs? How are you installing - DVD or USB?
  2. DVD

    990fx ud3 rev 1.1
    phenom II 965 BE 3.4GHZ
    kingston 120GB SSD
    seagate 1TB 7200RPM 32MB
    gskill sniper 8GB DDR3 1886mhz
    silent pro m2 620w
    old 7950gx2

    hardware is working fine I have used it on xp, I have also ran memtest to check for faulty ram
  3. Odd, try creating a USB install stick with Microsofts's USB tool and using that.
  4. What exactly are the issues with the install? Do it not complete the installation? Does it hang midway? More info please.
  5. Toogle EFI boot settings in your BIOS after reading your motherboards manual cover to cover.
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