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I have a Dell 1534 Inspiron Laptop with a 968 AIO wireless printer. In late February I had some kind of virus,malware I am not sure but I couldn't get out of it . I found in my Dell help I could install the software over my current software and it would be just like new from the factory. I have Vista Home Premium. I did that and all is well except printing. I downloaded the driver " I Think ". I did not know I had to do this. I should disclose on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest my skill level is 1. Anyway, I can print a test page which informs that i have successfully installed my printer correctly, but I can't print anything off the internet or any mail attachments. I am assuming that since I can print test page the printer is installed ok? I have checked my Network through Mc Afee and as far as I can tell my firewall is not causing a problem. Any help anyone cann offer would be greatly appreciated.
Lima, Ohio
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  1. What happens when you try to print? Any messages? Have you checked your default printer to make sure it's set as such?
  2. Thanks for responding. It just dawned on me when I started to respond to you that I have been trying print email attachments in Windows Mail and I can't still. So I tried to print just a page off a internet site and it prints. I tried to print a email page that I receive through GMail and I can print that. I don't get any attachments through GMail. It seems like it has something to do with Windows mail. Also, I tried to print just a body of a email through Windows Live and it does not print. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
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