Where did all the disk space go?

Hi all,

I own a 5 year old Dell Inspiron 510m. Not the greatest machine around but it fills its purpose.

The machine runs XP SP2 and has a 60GB HDD. I have 29GB of data. The recovery partition of the HDD is some 9GB and presumably Windows and components consume the same amount of disk space. I have 2 GB of user installed programs.

29+2*9+2=49GB. So far as I can see I should have some 11GB of free disk space. However and despite the fact that I've run all sorts of cleaners, the disk is full.

Is there anyone who can give me some sort of insight into where these 11GB may have gone?

Many thanks

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  1. hlofgren_007 said:
    insight into where these 11GB may have gone?
    Hijacked by hackers? A rootkit and trojan infestation might have let your laptop join the zombie league.
    Can you boot into SafeMode using the F8 key?

    Hard disk error? In Safe Mode, from the Start Menu choose RUN, type in CMD and press enter.
    In the command line box type in: chkdsk /r /f then press enter (note the blank spaces before each /)

    You can also try using the TreeSize free utility program: TreeSize Free 2.4
  2. WR2,

    TreeSize was quite helpful. Admitterdly I did not find anything more exciting than the hiberfil and the pagefil but it solved the mystery.

  3. Thats good news for you. Some of the possible outcomes weren't pleasant to think about.
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