Setting up SSD causes reboot cycle

So I am in a very similar position to this guy -

I want to set up an SSD and move the OS over to it. When I initially tried I got the error message that guy had: 'windows can not be installed to this disk.' I've got an ASRock Z68 Extreme4 MB and Im trying to put in a SanDisk Extreme 120GB SSD (extreme enough for you?). I initially had my SSD plugged into a Marvell socket, same as the other guy, which is when I found that thread. I switched the Sata cables around so I had

SATA3_0: New SSD
SATA3_1: Old HDD
SATA2_3: Not Detected
SATA2_4: Not Detected
SATA2_5: Not Detected

and then switched SATA mode to AHCI and enabled SMART. However, when I saved these changes and went back into a normal bootup, I got into a reboot cycle. I would get to the 'starting windows' screen and stay on it for 5 or 10 secs, then my computer would reboot. I tried tinkering around with some BIOS options, but I couldnt get anything to work. Eventually I unplugged my SSD and plugged my HDD into its original spot. I also went back to IDE and turned off SMART. Now it seems like everything works fine, but my SSD still isnt set up. How can I fix this?

Edit: After some more testing I found that having the SSD plugged into where the HDD used to be and plugging the HDD into a new spot was fine (this is the arrangement I wish to end up with). When I enable SMART it works fine too, but when I turn on AHCI I get into the reboot cycle. I also noticed that right before my computer reboots I get a blue screen for a split second - not enough time to read anything.
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  1. You need to tweak a registry setting. Whatever mode (ACHI or IDE) you installed windows in you are stuck with.
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