What are some of the best CRT monitors? other Qs..

I go on craigslist and all i see is CRT MONITOR GALORE, they all look so good for gaming, 1600x1200..

So anyways i used to have a CRT monitor and it was the bomb, CRTs dominate gaming i really think so and many other do too. Maybe the LCDs 1ms 120Hz ones are up to par or almost with a CRT for gaming but i really need some CRT models that are 120Hz 1600x1200 (for gaming purposes)..

Just give me a list of CRT monitor models that are really good for gaming (once again 120Hz @ 1600x1200)... 17" Viewable and up! 24 is too big though.

By the way... could someone link me to a good 120Hz 1ms LCD monitor or a really good gaming monitor 18+ keep it under 23, 22 is ok. Are there any computer monitors that have 240Hz(LCD, LED)?

Last thing! LED vs LCD performance... Which performs better in gaming! Do LED's have better response time? <1ms? Better ratio? 5billion:1?(random number) less ghosting and better colors and more Hz? help =[

Atleast answer part of question whole question(s) REALLY appreciated! Thanks!
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  1. LED is just the backlight technology, nothing to do with how the image is formed so your last question is moot.

    1ms is meaningless as a response time, anything 8 or 7 or less will be blur-free unless it's a cheap monitor. It's hard to find monitor vendors that measure their specs the same way, contrast ratio, response times, brightness, you can't pick just by looking at numbers. Go over some detailed reviews where they set up all the monitors with the same settings and using the same connections and measurements.

    There are probably 0 CRTs out there being made now, do some web searches for older reviews though. SONY Trinitrons are good, so are Mitsubishi sets.
  2. first i'd like to say that a little research goes a long way. knowing some basic terminology will make you a more informed buyer.

    that said, i'll try to comment on your statements and questions to give you a better idea of what is out there.

    "CRTS dominate gaming..."
    While this may have been true when lcd technology was in its infancy for the past 5 years or more this is outdated information. the only possible advantage is that you can change resolutions and retain clarity on a CRT but if you change resolutions on an LCD you might suffer quality issues. however, LCDS have many advantages over CRTS.

    "...response times...@60hz..."
    technically anything with a maximum response time of 16ms (@60hz) or less shouldnt ghost.

    "...response times...@120hz..."
    response times would have to be below 8ms (@120hz) or less i would think. however, you really don't gain much by going with a 120hz monitor. most things still run at 60hz and i doubt you will be pulling 120fps in a brand new game.

    "...response times...@240hz..."
    i haven't heard anything about computer monitors but i know 3d televisions support this. if you plan on going 3d then this is the only reason you should pursue 240hz.

    "...panel types..."
    TN panels typically have faster response times but have terrible viewing angle. colors can also look worse than on other panel types. VA and IPS are better panel types but don't offer as fast of a response time (however its not a problem). e-ips is a cheaper made ips panel that isn't up to par with true ips panels. panel type determines response times not backlighting.

    CCFL is most common. LED is newer but doesn't really offer any gains on computer monitors now. LED backlighting can sometimes give the image a blue tinge. the only nice thing about leds right now is "zone lighting" on some televisions which achieve greater white/black contrast by having the tv set up on a backlight grid where certain areas turn off and on.

    to sum it up:

    if you're hunting for a good bargain bin monitor and don't care so much about viewing angle and color accuracy as much as price then a TN panel works fine.

    if you're hunting for the best of the best then you will be looking for an IPS monitor.

    if you're stuck on believing that CRTS are much better than LCDs then you could try used viewsonics or sonys.
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