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New cpu in old motherboard?

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April 4, 2004 6:37:35 AM

I'm so glad to have found this board. One of my big things to do currently is upgrade my computer so this is the perfect place for help.

I plan on upgrading my system pretty soon. I currently have a 2.0 g Celeron in an ECS Elitegroup P4VMM2 mb.

From reading on this board it seems that a 2.8c p4 is a great value for a high-end chip. I think that's what I'll get. I also plan to eventually get an ABIT IS7 mb.

But if I just bought the fast cpu for now, could I just stick it in my old motherboard and it'll work? This is a 478 pin motherboard.

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April 4, 2004 7:54:07 AM

Your board was designed for 133 fsb chips. The P4c chips are designed to run on a 200 fsb. If you put the P4c 2.8 chip on your board, with its 14X multiplier, the chip will run at 1862mhz or about 2/3s of it's rated speed. You may be better off to try one of the 2.4 prescott chips.
April 4, 2004 1:31:09 PM

Will his board support 2.4A Prescott?

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April 5, 2004 1:28:57 AM

I think I'm going with the 2.8c as I'm going to be upgrading my otherboard very soon as well. I suppose I ought to just upgrade both at the same time.

But the 2.8c in the handicapped motherboard will still be quite a bit better than the 2.0 celeron, won't it?

Any other tips?
April 5, 2004 4:01:46 AM

At 1.86 a P4c will indeed be much better than the celeron. Since you will be tossing the board anyhow, why not try a small overclock. The chip would still be underclocked of course, so would be pretty safe.
April 5, 2004 11:16:46 AM

>At 1.86 a P4c will indeed be much better than the celeron.

Running of a 533 Mhz FSB, calling it a 1.86 P4<b>B</b> would be closer to the truth :)  But I agree, it would be faster than a 2 Ghz Celeron. <i>Anything</i> is faster than a 2 Ghz celeron :) 

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April 6, 2004 5:46:29 AM

Some PIII's are faster than the 2.0GHz Celeron. I believe the Celeron 1400 is faster than the 2.0GHz Celeron. And I know Durons have been faster for a while now.

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April 6, 2004 5:19:35 PM

Well, this is all the more motivation for me to upgrade. When I first got this computer I just wanted something adequate to use the internet. But I now am on the computer full-time and it's just not worth it for me to stick with this slow processor. I'm moving up! It's either the 2.8c pentium 4 or the athlon 64 3000+ for me. I'll still try to figure this one out.