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Hello,hi every one i have a problem w/my asus loptop yesterday its ok but now when i open i only see the power on but the screen is black pls any ideas how to fixed it ty
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  1. i think your laptop lac tube rode is not working
  2. most likely the backlighting is gone. If it's in a docking station or thinks it is, it might've turned off the internal monitor though. Check with fn+f4 (or whatever the screen shotcut is on your system) or attach an external monitor. Also check that the small plastic thing that tells the system that the lid is closed isn't stuck.

    If the backlighting is gone, the laptop will be too expensive to repair. use it as desktop replacement or discard it.
  3. hi guys thanks for the advice sorry im not good at hardware were can i find that lac tube and also i tried connecting it on my lcd monitor but its still black it looks like it only power up but wont boot.tnx
  4. You could try unplugging stuff that doesn't have to be there
    like the harddrive, battery and dvd drive - and one of the memory sticks

    if it still doesn't boot, it might be a board issue

    could try resetting the bios also - by removing the battery for a while
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