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plese i want windows 7 ultimate product key
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  1. Did you read the forum rules? Not the best place for such activities
  2. Then buy windows 7 ultimate.
  3. emmanueldoe said:
    plese i want windows 7 ultimate product key

    this is happening more and more on Tom's lately.

    The community here at Tom's don't support unlicensced and/or pirated software.

    As others have pointed out, buy an original copy of Windows like all of us do. We support copyright, and do things legitimately.

    Get a life, buy a legit copy of Windows, and stop asking stupid questions!!
  4. We all want things mate, but unfortunately they cost money.
    Its a fine balancing act, do you want Windows or the money more?

    If you decide Windows, its about $180.
  5. Ask Google...
  6. Illegal software isn't welcome here.

    If you want a legal Windows copy, go to and buy it.
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