How to install a valid copy of windows 7 when you dont have cd or backup only cd


one week ago i purchased HP-1000 series laptop which came with pre installed windows 7 but my hard drive failed and a new hard drive is given to me but i dont have the cd of windows 7 or the backup please suggest how to install a valid copy of windows 7 using product key
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  1. Some people might claim its piracy but if you have a valid key you can d/l windows from various torrent sites. It's the key you pay for these days anyway.
  2. It's not piracy to just download ISO's. In fact MS put them out here:

    Just get the one you need (have a license for).
  3. Seems odd that HP would ship you a drive with no OS on it, especially if the laptop was under warranty. Your laptop should have contained a HP utiltity to create an install disk or a repair disk. These would have been your OS install CD's.

    Being that it's OEM, I'm not sure if downloading the ISO from microsoft will work, but you can try it.
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