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After getting into it a bit, I've grown to love fps gaming on a PC, its feels so much more like me when doing so. Controllers don't really have the precision as the mouse does.

But I'm not getting that feeling anymore. When I decided that I wanted to be playing on PC for good, it obviously made sense to me to get a whole new rig. And I did so, not taking into account the keyboard and mouse & even a pad, thinking it was all a bunch of joo joo and that only people who were rubbish needed those kind of things. So I just went with the keyboard and mouse that was closest to me, a wireless keyboard and optical mouse set with Microsoft.

Previously, I was using a mini-mouse that i couldnt even hold in my hand, but it glides even better than the piece of *** i got now.

At first, i thought it was just me not used to using this mouse and that it would all be okay soon. I was still doing pretty well in games, just not getting the reaction and demand that i want. But when I was playing well with it, I did well. But in time, it grew more and more uncomfortable to the point where i knew there was something wrong. I couldn't even play because everytime i went to aim when right clicking, it wouldnt even do so, and by the time i did manage to reshift my position, I'd already been killed. This has happened to me on several occasions and now I'm seriously getting annoyed. It's also quite slow at tracking my movements, cranking up the sensitivity just made it worse.

Then, I reconsidered getting a gaming mouse, but this time I looked into it rather than jumping to a wrong conclusion hastily. Et Voila! I found the issue(s). I really did look into all in depth...

The grip. I palm grip my mouse and because my mouse isn't a gaming mouse anyway, it doesnt react to my clicks, it only does it when my finger tips are at the very edge, and i can't do that, It's too awkward for me and I am not going to adjust because its like learning to write with your left instead of your right (or vice versa).

So a few months later, here I am now. I want the g500 without a doubt, its 'said' to do all the things that i would want from a mouse. I've never been a high sensitivity gamer though. But then again that was with the controller. Anyway, I've come here to just ask you for a quick question, which mousepad will be suffice for use with the g500. I mean i was going to go with the cs-m fps tactics one, it looks awesome but said it works better with an optical mouse. The steelseries qck looks good aswell but I'm not to educated on whats a good mouse pad and what's not, so what mousepad would work well with a laser grade mouse?
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  1. anyone ?
  2. trust me on this:

    you do not need a special gaming mouse, gaming mousmat, and ultra-high 3500+ dpi in order to play fps games effectively.

    i'll offer up some things you should look for:

    fit. make sure the mouse fits your hand. if you palm your mouse you will want a larger mouse such as that logitech or perhaps a razer deathadder.

    dpi. if you use a mouse at too high of a dpi setting you can get a jittery effect when trying to aim. if you get a high dpi mouse you can always lower this. personally i prefer between 800-1200 (even on my 3000+ mouse)

    mousepads and mouse feet. you will want a mouse with some nice teflon feet so that it will glide. keep in mind any mouse with switches or buttons that drag on the bottom will hang up. my old logitech mx1000 used to hang like this once in awhile (from a switch on the bottom.) i know the razer has huge pads on the bottom. as for mousepads it is very hard to beat a cheap and simple foam/cloth mousepad that you can get practically anywhere. in fact i would say that i recommend this over any of the fancy plastic or textured ones sold as gaming pads.

    laser vs optical mice. if you like to lift your mouse off the table to relocate your cursor a laser mouse is not for you. a laser mouse will track a bit when you lift it, an optical mouse usually does not. other than this, they are similar.


    the short answer:

    just get one of the free plain color foamrubber&cloth mousepads at a local store. if you want something that looks pretty then buy one of the fancy ones for like $3.
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