Razer Tiamat 7.1 or Magalodon

hello i'm Brandon,

i currently got a new computer, custom build and everything, battlefield 3 and WoW and stuff, but i finally got around to getting a new headset but i don't know what to pick

i've chosen out of two headset's, the Razer Tiamat 7.1, i like this one the most and i think they look better, but they cost a bit more and i don't know if they're out yet or just out of stock

the second choice is the Razer Magalodon, 7.1 as well, slightly cheaper, currently out of stock but i could probably get off ebay, newegg or amazon

just wondering if anyone uses these headsets or if there's some things that i should know about them

thanks for your help,

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  1. Hi, just seen your question as looking for a new headset. Did you go for one of threse in the end as I'm thinking of getting the Tiamat and wondered your thoughts. thanks
  2. i still haven't bought anyone of them yet, though i'm 100% sure i'mg going with the Tiamat, they seem to be better than the Magalodon's (my personal opinion), but if you plan to buy them be very quick, i was about to buy them a few weeks ago, i put the money in the bank, checked if they were in stock in the morning, they were, went to buy them later that day, out of stock, they're a very popular headset so make sure you have around $250 in your account just in case, i probably will buy them soon, good luck with your choices
  3. I went for the Tiamat and am very impressed. They are quite easy to get hold of in the UK. Better for gaming than my Sennheiser PC360s which my little boy managed to break.
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