Buying USB speakers. Do 50hz make a difference?

Hey ppls.
So tomorrow im gonna go and buy USB speakers for my laptop. Since i do have a separate 2.1 system at home, I will mostly use them for music when i go to the park and stuff. Now, i have my eyes on two basic, inexpensive models.
This is the first one:

And this is the second one:

As you notice the first ones are 6W and second ones 4W. But the first one have a freq of 150-20KHz and the second one a freq of 100-22.4KHz

So i wanna ask you if the difference in frequency range will be noticeable enough for me to decide to buy the second ones, or the +2W of the first ones are more of a good idea to get. Also the first ones have the option of being powered by 4 AA batteries which is a plus since i can also use them on my phone.

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  1. Unless you have actual frequency response curves available for each, there's really no way of telling.

    Too bad you cannot order both and just keep the one that sounds the better of the two.
  2. I was affraid of that. Oh well just hafto try my luck i suppose. But what would you pick? lol
  3. i was also wondering how much of a battery hit will the laptop get with the 4 ohm usb speakers attached to it
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