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An Analogy

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April 9, 2004 1:45:19 AM

In relpy to Kinney after he made a short analogy of a Car and CPU

I like this I like this allot. Although I would put it a bit different. I would say that AMD has always been the cheap sports cars. They where cheap and good for OCing. Like if I bought a old 1967 roadrunner and put allot of new parts into it and rework the engine my self ( in other words OCing). AMD tech was behind Intel. Intel was great in every area almost and AMD took Gaming and a few other areas. But you could OC the hell out of them and guess what they are cheap as hell. They also support the same quality hardware like video cards and DDR the same level as Intel. Intel use to be a Cadillac of cars the one that did what it need and have allot of spoofs for allot of cash. You got what you played for though. You get the great air-conditioning everything works and is under warranty and its just comfortable and wont give you any problems unless you are stupid and run it into a wall (mess up your OS but you can always reformat or you spill water on it but then you are under warranty anyway). Things have changed a bit now though AMD has a luxury edition now to and guess what it’s sporting all new different features. Its fast and it can do everything else just as good as Intel’s Luxury car. Now Intel needs to convert because AMD has taken to the sky (OK not really but Intel is needing to support AMD64bitness and its kind of like going to a new road system for all but the roads aren't done for the public yet but some are using these new "Air Roads" (Servers and Corporations and Hackers(not sure about the hackers) Now it will be better when we get to 64bitness but not as much as it would be to get "Air Roads" but you get the idea I hope)

Processor = Car

FX53 and FX51 = Something like a Porsche 911 with everything included. Not only that but you can get top of the line [-peep-] for it and speed it up even more with chargers like air intake superchargers and a electronic supercharger. (In other words this processor is fast and can handle anything you can through at it in normal day to day use. But the main idea behind this is to show off and say I have the fasted car of them all ha ha ha. It’s a race car. And with the right cooling (the superchargers or Nos yes lots of people use NOS in their street racing cars and yes this is dangress just like OCing) you can OC the hell out of this baby. I think it was $1500.00 for a great cooling system with Motherboard, Processor, and Case not that bad when you think about it. The Processor Motherboard and and Case alone come to something around $1200 or a little more or less and thats 300 for a cooling system that will bring you from 2.2 to 2.8. Now thats nice if you have the money to blow on Racing. And now with the 2.4 out I think you could probly get up to 3ghz now wouldn't that be cool. And it’s also got the new road system for people who are venturing into them areas of Computers. I have said before that I am not one that will be using 64bitness for at least a year or so but I do feel that I will venture into this area when I want to expand my knowledge on Software but right now I am stuck learning about Hardware. Yes for us hardware guys 64bitness is nothing really but for a big big software adventure (and I say adventure because 64bitness isn't necessary great but it’s a new frontier a place where you couldn't go with out paying a big premium or get a crappie processor with no name and no power. You can fly in the sky but not in style but hand gliding is cool. Lol I when off on a tangent again any to go back to what I was talking about.)

AMD64 = something like a Caddy with a little bit of sport through into the mix. I have seen this kind of car my friend owns one it’s nice. Has everything you need and it’s expensive as hell. Not anything like the Porsche 911 which can run 200k but something like 50k allot cheaper and my friend it’s just as good as the Porsche 911 it’s just not as fast but still fast. It looks nice to and it can fly in the sky as well my friend what else could you ask for? (like I said before "flying in the sky" (64 bitness) is not as cool as it sounds right now and maybe not ever, but who knows right maybe it will be adopted as the only way to travel in the future (in other words you faze out 32 bit like what happened with 16bit)

XP = This is the cheap roadster with everything new in it. You have the ability to pump this baby up for cheap and possibly run it into the road if you do so. Other then that it’s a good car and runs real nice for normal use. The main attraction about it is that you can pump this baby up for real cheap and it’s already cheap anyway. Sometimes it even came close to rivaling Intel’s nice car but normally it is a cheap nice car that rocks and can be suped up cheaply. Also take into consideration time every new CPU that came out is like a brand new car for that year. And CPUs age much quicker in a sense then Cars.

P4e = I have no idea it’s a space heater with the with the ability to run really quick if you give it cocaine? Ok so not really but I don't like the P4e its way to hot right now and isn't any better then the P4c and its way way way hotter its crap to me right now. Yes it can OC but so can the P4c my friend and I would rather not have a space heater when I can have a P4c. this may change however as the stepping gets better but we will have to wait and see but it looks like Intel’s new model for this year isn't anything but a space heater on wheels :) . Anyway that’s my point of view I’m sure some may say different and they might have some valid points so listen and if it sounds right for you buy it but I personally can’t suggest it.

P4c = Is the new Caddy of the land with the ability to run really nice and smooth and handle like a baby. It’s the same thing as the AMD64 but the AMD64 has different features. Intel has some nice things that AMD64 doesn't like a home entertainment center in the back seat (or you could say Hyper threading) and its know to be a rock solid car that never brakes down and will run with the pack of sports cars racing down the road its nice and its luxuries. Thing is it has one more added bonus its also has the ability to be pumped up. It take very kindly to being pumped up and as been for quite some time so people are good at it and know what to do and what to buy. Thing is though you need to actually get your hands dirty on this one you. In order to get that big power boost you need to acutely mess with the engine and might brake it in the process as its rig not a professionally don't set up for suping it up. In other words it’s not mint to be suped up but with a simple bolt removed here and a bar placed here it could work. Only thing is it can be dangers for the car. Anyway I think you get the idea. P4c great OCer great all around

P4b = this is last years module for Intel and it doesn't sport all the stuff that the P4c does because of its age. It does have an entertainment center and for its time it was the best you could buy but now it’s out of date but still running quite well. It’s a Luxury car that’s a few years old (CPU time is much much quicker then Car time :)  I hope you get that) It’s nice and some times you and trade in and get an upgrade (a higher clock speed same module) that makes it better but you can’t have everything that is new. The getting new stuff really doesn't matter right now because nothing is going to be upgradeable that much past this year as everything is changing in the way things are done. Hope you get the idea because it’s the same for the P4a and P4 and P3. All of them are luxury cars that never where upgradeable much but ran really nice for their time.

Celerons = the really expensive crappy cars that get you from point a to point b but that’s it. Didn't really brake down but damn this car sux and it can do crap. No tricks no games no fun just simple work and no play. And really if you using your car allot for important harsh working (audio cad and workstation stuff) you can’t really get it done with this peace of crap. Thing is there is a much better option out there for the same price and that’s the XP now and back in the day it was the AMD Duron which is basically just a step down in price from the XP and just a step down in performance. Although it has its flaw just like the XP use to have (didn't mention this in the XP part ah well) was that some parts used in the cars are not always so good its not really the fault of the car what you or a dealership put into it.

NEW: Duron = A cheap car to get you from point to point be. THE FAMILY CAR. Nothing sporty nothing fancy and not intended for the races but this kid can hold its own. Its not a slouch like the Celeron is and is just right for its price. Well at least it uses to be until AMD replaced this car with its XP line. Now a days unless you are looking to get something with as little money and as little spoofs as possible you really don't want a Duron as for just a little bit more money you can upgrade to a much more powerful XP with better hotroding ability.

New: P4EE = The P4EE is the same as the FX in almost all respect except the FX needs more expensive parts but the P4EE is just way more expensive. Its Intel's version of the Porsche 911 its fast and it’s expensive. Thing I don't like about this car is you have to modify it just like a P4c to get it to hotrod (OC) and it doesn't have the potential in hotroding as the FX. (AT least from all the reviews I have seen if you would go all out with the FX 53 and get the cooling system Toms did a view a while back you could problem get the FX up to 3.0ghz and at this speed the thing is cocking right along and Intel has a had time keep up to speed with it) So all in all this is just another show off car with no really use but racing and with out the quick and easy ability to hotrod, it’s hard to suggest this Porsche 911 over AMDs Porsche 911. If all you want is pure stock speed and you having money to blow this are the best there is but truly why settle for stock if you’re going to race my friend? Also this car doesn't seem to have the ability to reach the sky (64bitness) now this really isn't that much of a problem for it all and all. Its just nice to be able to use the new roads like the FX and the FX does at least look like it could hold the test of time if its been hotroded out (its going to take AMD some time to get its FX's up to 3ghz and will have to probably (more then likely) go to 90nm before they can get up to 3ghz and it may take some time to iron out all the problems with 90nm just like Intel so if true FX with some major cooling could hold the test of time). In other words when everything is getting all pimped out on the skyway (the new FX and P4s and XP and AMD64s) the hotroded FX will still be able to run with the pack in the sky even. Where as the P4EE will be stuck using the ground roads even if it was hotroded.

Anyway I didn't add a server section but I might for shits and giggles later.

Remember what your fighting for, Remember why you even started fighting, and Remember who you are

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a c 159 à CPUs
April 9, 2004 1:52:16 AM

That's a great analogy, except for the porsche 911. Porsche's have always required too much maintenance. But with the p4ee, just set it and forget it, as Ron Popeil would say.
April 9, 2004 1:54:57 AM

Thats just a car I throw out at the time. If you have a better sugjestion please do tell and if I agree I will make the change.

Remember what your fighting for, Remember why you even started fighting, and Remember who you are
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a c 159 à CPUs
April 9, 2004 12:38:06 PM

I enjoyed the whole analogy, just making fun of porsche. I consider porsche a "guilty pleasure" that I will never be able to afford.
April 9, 2004 4:26:30 PM

lol same way I feel about the FX with a great cooling system as to the reason I called it a Porsche. Porsche is my dream car. FX with one hell of a cooling system and up to date parts is my dream CPU. Although I think I would rather have my Porsche as it would last for ever but I also feel that I could spend 3k on a cool powerful computer where as I might never spend 200k on a car (how ever I could get a older 911 with a crappy engine or something like that you can find them Mags that sell cars but I want the fully done 911 with all the works :)  I want the 200k 911 not some cheap 10k 911 that comes with a V6 instead of a V12 :) . )

Remember what your fighting for, Remember why you even started fighting, and Remember who you are
April 9, 2004 6:50:20 PM

any one ever ridden in a porsche 911 turbo? cs game server -
now featuring (optional) cheating death!
April 9, 2004 7:59:51 PM

No but I will some day I will

Remember what your fighting for, Remember why you even started fighting, and Remember who you are
April 9, 2004 8:02:12 PM

i have : ) my roomate is a porsche mechanic, they get to drive all kinds of cars while working on them. he took me for a ride in a turbo he was working on. it was freaking insane, he didnt even open it up and i nearly pissed my pants. 45 to 120 in the blink of an eye lol. cs game server -
now featuring (optional) cheating death!
April 9, 2004 8:21:00 PM

porsche are the best cars at least from my point of view I like the look and feel of them as well I have been in a Porsche before and I just like how they feel. I have never been in a porsche with a bad ass engine but I have been in a Porsche. One thing I really really want in my life is a Porsche 911 with a V12 in her :) . I know my hopes and dreams are high but you have to have goals right? lol

Remember what your fighting for, Remember why you even started fighting, and Remember who you are
April 9, 2004 8:38:09 PM

I think my love for Porsche can be seen in the same way I love AMDs New FX even though I shouldn't. I really really want a supercooled FX really really bad. A 3ghz 1000 Hypertransporting FX should be able to take on a P4c at 5ghz. I personly don't see the P4 getting to 5ghz by the end of next year although Im sure that Intel has a trick up its sleeve. They are not banking on the P4c to beat out the AMD64. Maby right now but once the AMD64 gets to the 939s its here to stay. No P4 will stand agenst it in the long run. A 3 ghz FX with a butload of Hypertransporting is just to much for a P4 to handle. Now its true that as of right now 3ghz FXs are not out but the point is once the FX does get to 3ghz with 1000 HT or even 1200 HT with DDR2 (this would be around the end of 2005). So in short the FX and AMD64 are here to stay and are very powerful processors and compared to the P4c its that much better in the long run. The P4c is a good buy now and will soon die out and then what do you have?

Intel I think is trying to bank on the P4e scotty :) . Now at first this may seem dumb but if they get the temps down and get that clock speed up they can compete with the FX. But the thing to remember is that Scotty is a worse proformer in some areas as I have seen it Games take a hit from the Northwood to the Scotty. IT doesn't look like Scotty is set up to compete with the AMD64 as much as it is suppost to give you another option for the every day people and to the specialized people it goes after the AMD doesn't hold the unstoppible crown in. Yes AMD has gaming and I don't think Intel really cares anymore. They do kinda but that front is only on the FX vs EE chart. P4e is not trying to compete with AMD64 in gaming. At least thats how I see it I could be wrong. But this is one reason I like AMD they are the gamers of Processors they always have been but now AMD just also can compete in many other areas besides just gaming which is good and because of this Intel has really abandoned the gamers as they see loses in money going that rought. once again if Im wrong I will change what ever is wrong :) .

Remember what your fighting for, Remember why you even started fighting, and Remember who you are