I5 (520) & ATI 5650 vs i7 (720) & ATI 4650

I'm buying a Dell Studio 17. In the two basic configurations offered I can either get the i5 520 with an ATI 5650 1gb or I can get the i7 720 with the ATI 4650 1gb. They are about the same price and both come with 4gb of ram. I'll be using the laptop as a desktop replacement and for some gaming. Any advice on which setup is a better deal?

Thanks for the help!
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  1. The ATI 5650 performs better than the 4650 in games. There are just a few games around that are optimized for quad core processors, therefore the i5 520 would be a good choice as well. Go for the i5-5650 configuration.
  2. Check this link out to get a better idea of what each gpu offers in regard to performance:

  3. I agree with prem_k, go with the i5, 5650
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